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 “If you have cats that want to be wherever you are and get upset when they get locked out of a room, then you need the Carpet Scratch Stopper! This product works!”

Jennie H.

Norco, CA


 “I have 4 cats that love to tear up the carpets by the bedroom doors.  When I heard about the Carpet Scratch Stopper I was excited to try it, but wasn’t sure it would fit under my door since my plush carpet already rubbed the bottom of it.  I’m happy to say that it fit just fine and it worked immediately.  Although my cats had already tore the carpet, having the Carpet Scratch Stopper placed on top of the torn area looks a lot better than looking at the mess they made.”

Glenn B.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


From time to time, I foster kittens for a rescue group.  Kittens seem to find a closed door a challenge and have scratched the carpet near the door creating some really bad spots.  I put carpet scratch stoppers under the door, and now no more damage.  The pad is large enough and heavy enough that the kittens or adult cats cannot get to the carpet.  I am so happy with this product!


B. Sampson

Richardson, TX


“I’m looking forward to replacing my carpet without the worries of my cats destroying it all over again.  Thank you!”

Tina G.

Eastvale, CA


We’ve had our Carpet Scratch Stoppers in place for a couple of weeks, and couldn’t be happier with them.  The Stoppers are unobtrusive and blend right in; after a few days you don’t notice them at all, but they absolutely do the job.  Our carpet looks great and our cats are happy!  I also want to say that the company offers terrific customer service; the stoppers were shipped fast, and when I needed a different size my concerns were addressed quickly and politely.  It’s wonderful to work with a company that cares about their customers and delivers a great product that works as advertised!


Joseph S. Walker

Bloomington, IN


“I had given up all hope to save my carpet from more damage.  In complete frustration, I had even considered declawing (without realizing how awful this procedure is for cats).  A friend of mine told me about your product and I decided to try it. It worked right away and my cats have given up all interest in scratching my carpet.  Love it!”

Dolores R.

San Dimas, CA


“We keep our cats in a “cat room” upstairs every night. Even though it has everything they need, they always scratch under the door. The Carpet Scratch Stopper finally stopped them from ripping the carpet and constantly scratching at the door at night.”

Jason K.

Ontario, CA


“Have had my carpet scratch stopper for about a week and love it! Working great with TJ and Emma (my two cats) and aesthetically looks so much better than what I was using.”

Janet B.

Virginia Beach, VA


“I wanted to let you know how much we love our new Carpet Scratch Stopper. We purchased it after seeing it recommended by Jackson Galaxy, and thought it was the perfect solution to a huge problem we had with our cats. We have two older males, and had adopted a young female, Sierra, who had been abandoned when people moved out of a house and just left her behind.  Our two males haven’t accepted her, so for some time at least, she has to live in my husband’s office, and she scratched at the carpet on one side of the door, while the boys scratched at the other side, and left the carpet in absolute tatters. Your Carpet Scratch Stopper absolutely solved the problem quickly and easily, and covered up the mess until we can replace the carpet. You are super heroes in our cat household, and made it much easier to keep us from tearing our hair out over this problem! Thank you so much!”

Sherril S.

Reno, NV


“It is working fantastic! I foster kitties for the Arizona Humane Society, so having this under my foster bedroom door works purr-fect! It is easy to clean and sanitize for our next guest as well. I am very pleased with my purchase!”

Bree B.

Phoenix, AZ


“I am thrilled with the scratch stoppers. They are a clever and simple solution to this big problem. I appreciated the discount that came with my purchase of three.”

Brenda B.

Easton, MD


Leave it to cat people like you to understand that cats want to be with us no matter where we go, including behind that closed door, and they’ll do almost anything to get in! ”

Happy Customer,

Melanie C.

San Jose, CA


“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my CarPET Scratch Stopper. Wished I would have known about it years ago. It fits my door and works perfectly and looks so much better that the piece of crappy lino I had there before. Thanks again. I would not hesitate to purchase another if needed and have told my friends about this product also.”



Delmarie S.

Sweet Grass, MT


Just thought I’d let you know the 30 inch scratch stoppers are the perfect size and work great! Our cat, Jade, is not scratching the door at night which is wonderful! Thanks again.


L. Johnson

Lawerence, KS


They fit my doorways perfectly and I love them.  The scratching stopped overnight.  Thank you so much!


L. Divelbiss

Santa Clara, CA



The CarPET Scratch Stopper works wonders. What a life saver so I don’t have to hear it from my husband!!!


V. Watterson

Simpsonville, SC



The CarPET Scratch Stoppers are such a great idea.  I searched all over for something to stop our cats from destroying the carpet when locked out of a room they want in-and this is the ONLY thing like it on the market.  We only just placed them about a week ago, but so far, so good.  The cats can’t get to the carpet to tear it up, and they give up.  We just had new carpet installed so I wanted to take preventative measures and keep our carpet looking decent.  I also wanted to save my cats from being de-clawed and keep my husband from resenting the cats.  If you have cats that like to claw under your doors, I definitely recommend this product!


C. McGuire

Essexville, MI



This product has saved my cats from being evicted and prevented my carpet from being destroyed.  It’s also allowed me to linger in bed longer since I no longer have to jump up to the demands of an impatient four legged furry friend.  Thanks!


P. Douglas

Charlotte, NC



The CarPET Scratch Stopper reduced the dark circles under my eyes!!  After several weeks with the new adoptees, I was waking every few hours when they would scratch at the carpet by the bedroom door each night.  As a renter, this was inducing extra stress and I channeled my anxiety by constructing elaborate barricades of pillows and cardboard boxes to protect my deposit…but woe to me if I actually had to leave the room during the night.  Then came the CarPET Scratch Stopper to the rescue!  It’s solid enough that no kitty claws can get through, but flat enough so that I can open and close the door with ease.  Now the kitties and I all rest peacefully.  We’ve even been known to hit the snooze.  Thanks CarPET Scratch Stopper!


K. Mihalov

Moss Beach, CA



I love the cat scratch stoppers!  They are perfect. They fit the doorways and are strong enough to stay down and not curl up on the edge. I am a happy customer!


Barbara L.

Mayville, WI



I love this company! Great customer service-I ordered the wrong size and they went above and beyond taking care of my problem! Plus, these scratch stoppers have made such a difference in our home! No more tacky rugs by the doors-thanks a bunch you guys!!


Bethany G.

Kalama, WA



This CarPET Scratch Stopper works perfectly.  Very easy installation…basically put it down and you’re done!  Looks great, and much nicer than what we had before to prevent our cats from scratching at their bedroom door to get out in the morning before we were awake.  Would recommend it to anyone with cats.


Bob & Shirley W.

Dexter, MI



This product is genius.  Stopped my cat instantaneously and saved our apartment carpet.  Best $30 I ever spent!


Stephanie P.

Sayreville, NJ



Just a quick note to let you know the CarPET Scratch Stopper has COMPLETELY fixed the problem.  Brilliant product.


Erin H.

Alexandria, VA

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