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KittySmart is a feline products company dedicated to the unique needs of cats and their owners.


A few words from the founder

I have always loved animals my whole life, and cats definitely top my list of my most favorite pets. I presently have four cats: Chloe, Ripley, Rose and Blackie; all whom I have rescued and whom I love dearly, and YES, they are my babies.


Although they are absolutely adorable, and each one with its own distinct personality, they all shared one thing in common; they would constantly scratch and tear at my carpet at the doorways in my home anytime I needed to close the door. This behavior affected the carpet in every bedroom in my home! As you probably are already well aware, cats generally don’t like to be closed in or out of a room due to their free roaming nature, and mine sure let me know they didn’t approve of it!


Frustrated and embarrassed how my damaged carpet looked, and having spent thousands of dollars in carpet replacement, I was determined to come up with a solution to the problem. I could not find any products on the market that would help, and declawing was absolutely out of the question as I am strongly opposed to this cruel practice!


I began to discuss the problem with family, friends and co-workers who were cat owners, and they all seemed to share the same problem. Being involved in real estate at the time, I was amazed at how many carpeted homes had evidence of cat-scratched carpets, exactly at the doorways.


I set out with a passionate commitment to develop a device that would solve the problem immediately, not only for myself but for others, while being safe for both cats and carpets. Over the course of time and after extensive testing, the birth of my problem-solving idea eventually transitioned to the CarPET Scratch Stopper™.


I am excited to share my story with you. It has not only stopped my own cats from scratching my carpets; millions of Americans are affected by this problem. Educating other cat owners of this tool will not only help people save thousands of dollars in carpet replacement, but more importantly, it may help prevent an overwhelming number of cats from being declawed. Or far worse; being abandoned, dropped off at the pound, or possibly being euthanized.


Do you have a CarPET Scratch Stopper success story you would like to share? I would love to hear from you! Click here




KittySmart LLC

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We donate to honorable causes such as ASPCA, Best Friends and The Paw Project.

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